Arcadia Coworking Home

Arcadia, a mythical territory where gods and humans lived in peace, in harmony with Nature.

Arcadia Coworking, a coworking space where we give the best of us as professionals and as human beings. We are a community that shares more than just a space. We share knowledge, experiences, interests, contacts, coffees…

Coworkers from the five continents arriving to Arcadia to find their working space in Seville. In Spanish, English, French, German, Italian… Freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital nomads…

We’re not looking for coworkers, we take care of Arcadia.

“Coworking was a combination of all the things I wanted at the same time: the freedom and independence of working for myself along with the structure and community of working with others.”

Brad Neuberg, first coworking space manager


All you need… and more!
No detail –big or small- is missing in Arcadia Coworking! We are having a comfortable workspace with facilities suitable for a productive and effective work environment.

Your desk

Your own, productive and comfortable workplace.

Conference booths

Conference booth for your meetings: Zoom, Skype, callings... Privacy, confort and design.


Bring your lunch, no need to interrupt your workday. All the basics so you can relax and enjoy your homemade meal.

Full time access

If you have to work by night, on weekend or non-working day... you don't have to do it from home.

Multipurpose room

A professional room for meetings and presentations. Projector, screen, whiteboard, markers... all included.

Lounge & networking area

Relaxing, having a professional chat, disconnecting from your activity as long as you want… it is necessary and also possible.

Internet Fiber

1GB/s optic fiber connection. Internet bandwidth is no longer a problem. The Cloud by your desk.


Community events. Socialization and Networking. “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen”.

Coffee and tea

All kind of drinks available to make the workday more enjoyable. Coffee, water, infusions, soft drinks.

That’s all? Of course not.

Arcadia Coworking is a step away from you.


Where everything happens

Coworking area. Kitchen. Lounge area. Multipurpose room.

Arcadia Coworking is a 180-m2 space in the very center of Seville. Uniquely located. Excellent connections. Right where everything happens.


  • Desks, drawers, shelves, printer… and an excellent companion!
  • Separate areas: silent area / conversation area
  • Phone booths.
  • Detailed interior design: natural sunlight, plants… professional but warm.



  • Tech equipment: projector & sound system.
  • Furniture equipment: chester sofa, side tables, blackboard wall, screen, stools, plants.



  • Equipment: microwave, fridge, coffee maker, electric kettle, mugs…
  • Furniture equipment: tables, chairs.



  • Capacity for up to 20 people.
  • Tech equipment: projector & sound system.
  • Furniture equipment: whiteboard, screen, tables, chairs.


Near everywhere

Calle Cuna 16. First floor. Seville.

Arcadia Coworking is located in the very heart of Seville… as well as in our hearts! “All roads lead to Rome”… and almost all of them lead to Arcadia! There are many ways to get to there.

You will find us on the first floor of Calle Cuna 16, right in front of the Teatro Pathé. At the one end of the street, two-minute walk to Plaza del Salvador. At the other end, another two-minute walk from Calle Laraña and the Faculty of Fine Arts. Three minutes away from La Campana. Three minutes away from Metrosol-Parasol, better known in Sevilla as Las Setas -the Mushrooms-. Five minutes from Plaza del Duque. One minute from Calle Sierpes. Ten minutes from the Alameda.

We want you to invest your time where you decide and in what really matter, not in long, boring journeys from home to work.

You’re only a thought away from Arcadia.


Pricing plans adapted to your own specific needs



149 € per month + VAT (21%)


165 € per month + VAT (21%)


220 € per month + VAT (21%)

24/7 and extended access

Beyond opening hours, weekends, holidays… You decide!


1-day PASS

15€ + IVA

2-day PASS

25 € + IVA

5-day PASS

60 € + IVA

Other needs, other solutions... let us know what you need!

Other needs, other solutions… let us know what you need!



60 € half / 100 € full + VAT (21%)


from 35 € per month + VAT (21%)


20 €/mes + IVA


Nice guys according 9 out of 10 relatives


Degree in English Philology from the Universities of Seville and Birmingham (United Kingdom). He began his journey in the world of education cleaning toilets in a school of England. Since then and for the last 15 years he has been exploring the world of education from other points of view: teaching at NGOs, schools and language centers and consultant and academic advisor in Ireland and Spain.

He has been (without knowing it) digital nomad, seeing himself in the necessity to work in hotels, coffee shops, pubs and courtyards of remote schools.

His cultural preferences are vocationally mainstream seasoned with some cult elements according to his refined palate. In high school he was labeled as geek, now he has realized he was actually an interesting young man of eclectic tastes. Against all odds he is happily married and father of a handsome blond boy.

Opening a coworking space has allowed him again cleaning toilets but this time at a professional level. Something that he considers as ‘a Zen practice beneficial to the spirit’ because it reminds us of the transience of human nature. We are nothing.


Computer Engineer specialized in systems licensed by the University of Seville, manages and designs websites.

He has always sought to work in areas not strictly technological.

What he likes the most is working combining his technological background with the world of training from many different prisms. His experience ranges from development as a programmer and web designer, to training -even for children and people in the elderly-, being in recent years responsible for the coordination of training plans at the regional level.

Living with his family in a small flat with no choice to work than the living room table, accompanied at all times by a soundtrack composed of a wide variety of children’s programs and cartoons, as well as battles and imaginary accidents between toys of all sizes and colors… if coworking did not exist, he would have had to invent it. Arcadia Coworking is his professional home.

Addicted to literature and music in all possible spectrum and part of the impossible, pater familias since the campaign Sponsor a Gremlin, he’s always trying to find time to practice as nerd of the 9th art & pop culture – as well as Culture and Art In its broadest sense.

Anything else…?